Daytime Nightmare Poster

Film In Post Production – Coming Out in 2020

Genre: Psychological Drama / Horror

Outline: Lucy’s life changes, when her own mind turns against her and her nightmares become her daymares.

Hostel Paradise

Film In Development

Genre: Thriller/Horror

Outline: An exciting holiday venture turns into a deadly game of survival for the amusement of a lucrative online audience . The worst aspects of human nature bubble to the surface with no winner.

Hostel Paradise 1


Film In Development

Genre: Action/ Thriller/ Horror

Outline: A team of soldiers fly into a dark storm in a helicopter after a failed mission, and crash on a remote island. Their attempt at survival turns into a battle against deadly obstacles to finally discover who and what they really are.

Black Summer

Genre: Thriller

Outline: Two best friends on summer vacation find themselves stranded in the midst of a deadly pandemic, their adventure holiday now a desperate fight for survival.

poster 2


Film In Development

Genre: True Story/ Period Drama

Outline: A story of a mentally ill girl who was abandoned by her parents and fled from Russian occupied Slovakia. After the fall of the Soviet Union, she gets lost in the system and ends up spending her life in a mental institution.

Unforgotten Legend

Film In Development

Genre: Historical Adventure/ Drama

Outline: The historical adventure story of a Slovak national hero, Juraj Janosik from 16th century, inspired by actual events.

Unforgotten Legend 2