Katrina Grey, full name Katarina Greguskova, is an award winning filmmaker from Slovakia, based in London UK. Katrina began her career in 2014 as an action/drama actress in Hollywood movies such as “Hard Target 2” and  “Wu Assasins: Fistful of Vengeance. She also starred in the series “The Serpent” for BBC ONE/Netflix and “Extraordinary Siamese Story: Eng and Chang” for Disney Plus.

In 2021, as a first-time filmmaker Katrina wrote, directed, produced psychological drama /thriller feature film called Daytime Nightmare which went on to win 27 awards in festivals, distributed on Sky Store UK and Amazon Prime UK. Katrina has been recognised as the first and the only Slovak woman to make a genre film to date. Katrina co-founded Grey Films UK with focus on fusion of drama and genre movies.